Do Nannies Suffer from Exhaustion?

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Whether all those variables change or remain constant, the nanny’s life is full of hard work.

Children are particularly early birds, so a nanny’s day starts as early as 5 am. The first battle is changing clothes for the children, which can involve heated debates over what’s best to wear and personal grooming.

After the dispute is settled, the next thing on the list is breakfast. Making the nutrition choices for each child according to his or her age can be a daunting challenge, once it is done, the cleaning begins. After cleaning the children, the nanny clean up the kitchen and do the dishes.

The real fun beings after the children are dressed and fed, the rest of the day involves getting the children to their schools or day care. After this achievement, the nanny has a small window of time to do any needed shopping or take care of housekeeping chores such as laundry. What if school isn’t in session? The duties must be carried on with the children on tail.

Lunch time is a carbon copy of the breakfast trial, which means you have to prepare nutritious food that would end up in the child’s belly instead of the garbage disposal. The morning routine is repeated with the cleaning of the kids, the kitchen, and washing the dishes.

Shortly after lunch comes nap time for younger children and activities for older ones, activities can include a picnic or a visit to the museum, and if the weather is not optimal indoor educational games. Now is also the time for musical practice for the children who take lessons.