I'm Nanette. Welcome to my blog! Hard to believe, but I've been at this whole blogging thing since 2004.

I'm happily married to Brent, whom I mention here a lot. Together we have a sweet little firecracker of a toddler, known here as Em. (Not her real name, by the way.) I talk about her here a lot. She's great source material.

And we're currently expecting our second baby girl, whose online alias is Mimi. (Also not her real name.)

We recently relocated from Portland, Oregon BACK to Los Angeles.

A few of my favorite things include but are not limited to: toddler dance parties, zombies, live music, exploring new restaurants on the rare occasions we're able to get out sans toddler, a hot cup of coffee with lots of milk and sugar, all things Trader Joe's and Hello Kitty, new boxes of crayons and new cans of Play-Doh (for Em, um...yeah, for EM), long hot showers and an empty kitchen sink.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you'll stick around!

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